Meet the Definitive Guide
Our aim is to be the Definitive source of information on UK Retail & Leisure commercial property.
About us
Founded in 1987 by Trevor Wood, Trevor Wood Associates are the leading, independent, provider of information and insight into retail and leisure schemes in the UK. As a company we are considered an authoritative source of information for the UK retail industry, which we provide through our own platforms and publications and through our contributions to industry journals.

In addition to the Definitive Guide platform, which contains extensive detail of over 13,000 current or proposed retail and leisure developments, the Company also publishes two authoritative guides:
The Definitive Guide to Retail & Leisure Parks
This review is known as the most authoritative and definitive review of Retail Warehousing, reviewing developments in 1,700 Retail Parks and Leisure Schemes, along with market information on the latest vacancy rates, the rise and fall of retail warehouse tenants. There are also analyses of leading regional tenants, owners, letting and managing agents as well as hierarchies of Direct Property owners for retail parks and warehousing
Going Shopping - The Definitive Guide to Shopping Centres
Is seen as the authoritative analysis of shopping centre and factory outlet developments within the UK and incorporates the widely quoted hierarchy of UK Shopping Centres, covering over 900 schemes. There are reviews of recent changes of every shopping centre in the UK as well as a list of the top 500 shopping centres.
Our clients include surveyors, developers, owners, retailers and others from across the retail and property industries, consultancy firms and local government.